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We’ve been growing vegetables in our garden for the first time this year, inspired by Garden Organics’ “One Pot Pledge” campaign. It started off with a few salad leaves, and before long we’d moved on to a whole plot’s worth of veg. So if you’ve been wondering why I’ve got more gardening related pictures on my “photo a day” blog this year, now you know why.   Growing our own veg also gives me a great excuse to indulge a love of mine – food photography.  Getting ingredients to look appetising can be a challenge but it’s one I love, but the vibrant colours of freshly picked vegetables make it a lot easier.  Anyway, Garden Organics spotted my photos and they asked if they could feature them and my experiences – which is why you can read all about it on their blog today.  Here’s one of the pictures they didn’t feature – a fake TTV of some peapods we grew.  (If you want to know what fake TTV is, click here.)

Peapods  | Food photography | Linda Scannell