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Once upon a time …

… there was a little girl who loved to draw and play music. She spent hours on the garden swing dreaming of a life filled with sunny days, laughter and cute, furry animals. She discovered photography and the magic of watching pictures appear in the dark room. But life moved on, she drifted into the world of office jobs, and the time for creating art and music disappeared. Then one day she found her handsome prince and they had two beautiful children who inspired her to make pictures again. She began sharing her work and soon friends and even strangers asked her to create beautiful images for them too.

I’m sure you’ve guessed that that little girl was me. My life has lots more sunny days, laughter and cute, furry animals than it used to have but there is still room for more.

Linda Scannell, Warwickshire photographer
Families Warwickshire photographer

My photography and filmmaking

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2009. Over the years, I have had a wide range of clients from individuals to small businesses to large corporates. I’ve been commissioned to create images for magazine covers, my work has also been featured on some of the top UK wedding blogs and I’ve been interviewed about photography on BBC local radio and television. Now I concentrate on family and pet lifestyle photography, as well as exhibiting  my fine art photography in and around Warwickshire, the West Midlands and the Cotswolds.

I enjoy sharing my photography skills by writing tips and hint articles and running courses to teach others how to make the most of their cameras. I added filmmaking to the business in 2012, winning the Warwick Rocks Food & Film Festival short film award in 2013.

Photography qualifications

How I got into photography

What have a trip to London and the boys’ toilets at school got to do with Linda’s love of photography? Watch to find out

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Photography training

Leamington Hour podcast with Gary Jones

Listen to Linda talk about business and share lots of tips and hints to help you with using photographs to promote your business