Photography for busy business people

Available as a workshop or, from spring 2017, an online course to study at your own pace

Aimed at: Business owners and their staff who don’t want to become photographers but who do need to take usable photos for social media and PR purposes to promote their business.

Level: Beginner

Pre-requisites: None – just bring your smartphone and/or digital camera

Length: 2 hours – can be extended depending on what you want to cover

Why you need this course: Photos play a key role in your marketing. The majority of people have a preference for visual learning, which means they engage better with pictures than words so you need photos that tell your story on your website, blog and in your printed marketing materials. They’re even more important now with social media because your tweets and Facebook posts are far more likely to get shared if they include an image. And if you issue press releases, with fewer local newspapers having their own photographers, you’ll need good images to accompany those as well. But if you’re a small business you might not have the budget to get a professional photographer in regularly so you’ll want your staff to be capable of producing usable photos of work you’ve done for clients, events you attended, etc.

What we cover

  • Creating usable photos
  • Telling your story with photos
  • Tips and hints on getting great people pictures
  • Composition ideas to give your photos more impact
  • Getting your photos out there – sizing for social media, adding words, permissions, and naming

Next date: I run this as an in house course for you and your staff or business club so I can customise it to suit your business needs. I’m also developing an online version for launch in 2016. To find out more give me a call or drop me an email

Linda came along to our charity’s office to deliver a workshop to ten people who undertake a variety of roles for the organisation. In an increasingly digital world, Cord requires more and more imagery of its work and on a very tight budget, we need our programmes and fundraising team members all to be more competent at taking photos to share with our supporters. Linda delivered a first class training workshop, helping all the participants understand how to get the most from their cameras, including iPhones, compact cameras and DSLRs. We got some great tips and everyone came away feeling more confident with taking pictures of Cord’s work. In addition, discussion around the legal aspects and consent was a really valuable element to the training and essential for any charity to be aware of.

Caroline Dolan

Cord UK