Christmas seems to have come and gone so quickly.  It’s Twelfth Night already so our decorations have been packed away for another year.  And that means it’s time to work out what to do with that stack of Christmas cards too.  Our local council, Warwick District, will take them as part of their recycling collection service but I’ll be taking ours to our local Marks & Spencer.  Why?  Because for every 1,000 cards that Marks and Spencer collect, the Woodland Trust will plant one tree.   They planted over 10,000 trees with the Woodland Trust last year so hopefully our Christmas cards will help to create even more woodland this year.

So how do I know this?  Well, I photographed one of the Woodland Trust’s supporters, Debbie Griffiths, with some of the trees they planted last year.  Debbie’s been recycling her Christmas cards via M&S for several years so she volunteered to help promote the scheme.  I know Debbie through her company, Ideal Worldsmiths, as I photographed her and her husband and business partner, Mark, last year for their business head shots.  Debbie recommended me to the Woodland Trust, so one day back in August we both headed over to the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Wood in Leicestershire to meet up with Jo from Woodland Trust.  It was the least wintry day you could imagine – clear blue sky, boiling hot, heat haze – but Debbie had brought her coat and scarf and did a great job of pretending it was Christmas.

If you want to know all about the Marks and Spencer scheme, you can read all about it on their Plan A website.  And if you’d like me to take some images to promote your campaign, do get in touch.

Commercial photography for a charity | Woodland Trust



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