When I talk to business owners about creating their own videos using their iPhone, I often get the impression that they’re not convinced a phone camera could be good enough.  But if you’ve got an iPhone 4S or later, you’ve got a full HD camera in your pocket.  (If you own an Android or Windows phone, check the video specification – if it says “1080p” then you have full HD video capabilities.)  You still might want to invest in professional videography for key marketing videos on your website, etc but for videoblogging and recording customer testimonials full HD phone footage is more than good enough.  And recording your own videos gives you a great opportunity to practise being yourself in front of the camera so when you are ready to invest in a professional video, you’ll get the most from the experience.

If you’re still not sure that iPhone footage will do the job, watch this video that I recorded a while back to show you the difference between using an expensive camera and an iPhone 4S.

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