Because I use professional cameras and lenses, occasionally clients assume that all I have to do is to download the images I’ve taken and they will print perfectly.  But actually images straight off the camera can look bland, so they do need editing to give them that special feel.

To show you what I mean, here’s one of the images from the James Bond shoot I did at Compton Verney back in October. The image on the left is how it came off the camera – it’s a nice enough image but the sky has no detail and the colours are quite flat.  The image on the right shows you how editing can make it into something much more special – warmer colours, an interesting sky and I’ve tidied up the leaves and the manhole cover that were taking the viewer’s attention away from the most important part of the image – the bride and groom.  I’ve also darkened the edges slightly to keep the viewer’s eye within the image too.

Editing can make such a difference to the image that I prefer to do it myself rather than outsource it.  So when you book me, you’re not just paying for my photography skills, you’re paying for my editing skills too :-)  All the images you get are reviewed and colour corrected to make sure they’ll print beautifully but the images you chose for your album or as wall art get lots more attention to give them that extra special something.

If you’d like me to create images for your family or your business, do get in touch.


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